Saturday, August 23, 2008

Just a quick note.

It's hot and sticky here and it's 9:20pm. I don't mind the heat if it was without the humidity. I didn't think I was looking forward to fall so soon.

What is with the Cleveland Browns? I know it is pre-season and many of their players have been injured. This is not a good sign. I'm wondering when I can dig out the t-shirt and wear it without getting teased?

I saw a car at the gas station from Minnesota, and I told the driver I'm a Vikings fan. He said there a few Viking fans in the area. Probably his relatives.

My dear daughter lost her mp3 player again. It's somewhere in the house or in the disaster area she calls her room. I won't be able to charge it up before vacation if she can't locate the device, and no she can't have mine, well, because we listen to totally different music. Me: hard rock and metal, her: old school rap. Well we have a few artists in common; Dio, Black Sabbath, Metallica.

We will be leaving on vacation soon and I won't be able to post anything, as I do not own a laptop. I really wish I could afford a laptop, it would make life a bit less complicated. But it is something I really can't afford now. Anyone wishing to contribute to my laptop fund can email me. I will reply.

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