Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fantasy Island

I want to go. I want to leave now on a wonderful mind-blowing vacation, anywhere but here.

I finally had a good nights rest. The kid stayed over at her BF's home last night. It was just me and the Cosmo. The Cosmo was a bit whiny last night. I think he sensed a storm brewing in the distance, although there was no thunder or lightning, just very high humidity. I think sometime today it will storm. I hope that clears the air, as it is stifling outside, even at 6am. I'm in an air conditioned office all day, kind of spoiled, I guess.

I just finished my breakfast, a high protein shake, yum! NOT! I'm having a real hard time with my diet. I seem to lose weight in the winter and gain in the summer, the exact opposite of many people. I can't explain this situation. Maybe it is stress. I have three weeks to go before I head off to Las Vegas and I'd love to lose fifteen pounds.

My workday will start in a few minutes and will need to put out plenty of fires today. Usually I get more weird calls during a full moon phase, but lately they have been happening all day. I think people have been forgetting to take their meds. It can happen to the best of us. Nobody's perfect, and I am far from perfection.

I'm not sure who is reading my blog, no one ever makes any comment, and I am kind of bummed out. Any criticism would be welcome, I'm a big girl, I can handle the truth.

I just heard the same region in China that had an earthquake, just had another large shaker. No reports of damage yet, but it was a serious quake. Plus the hurricane in Texas and the Gulf area, it won't be a good day for most.

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