Saturday, August 9, 2008

Are we there yet?

I slept great last night as the temps outside were much lower and so was the humidity. I had to wake up early to take Chelsea to her first job interview. She said the owner was really mean spirited; why would I hire you without any job experience? This is for a job at Dairy Queen. How much experience does one need to make an ice cream cone? She was totally dejected and is now a bit depressed.

Hopefully the rest of the day will be positive. I stopped by the store and picked up a newspaper and a donut for her. Came home, took Cosmo out again where he took care of business, then I took care of my business and then had a protein shake, as that is all I am eating the next two weeks, lots of shakes and veggies. I have two weeks to drop drop ten pounds before vacation to Vegas. I don't look forward to starving myself. I'll be leaving at 12 noon to visit my parents. That should go well. I am hoping just for a cold diet Coke. I told my mom not to nag Chelsea about the job situation. Late in the day we have to do laundry, lots of laundry I might add. The machine in the building is too small and falling apart, (service has been called, they won't replace, even though it leaks water all over the place and sounds live a 747), so I'll do what a thousand others have done before me and go to the laundromat. Oh what fun to spend the weekend washing clothes with total strangers and who knows what has been in those machines. I'm also waiting for my daughter to start complaining that there is no food in the house, but there is, it has to be cooked! Tomorrow I will make a condolence call to a coworker whose sister has died, that will be in the afternoon.

So, those are my plans. I lead a most boring existence. I had other plans, but they involved a long road trip, and I am too broke right now.

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