Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cosmo went to the vet yesterday.

$52.00 later..... Puppies get worms, Cosmo is a puppy, therefore...Cosmo has worms. I know, TMI, that's what Jim said. Easily treated, but expensive. He was treated by the breeder and at the vet, and I was told this is a common thing, it happens. No matter how hard I try to control where Cosmo walks, others don't clean up after their dog. That makes me so mad, and now so broke. My complex will fine you $50.00 if they catch you not picking up after your dog, but they do nothing when you report the offense, as I have tried. So I am now a "snitch". I'm waiting for the Molotov cocktail to be thrown through the front window.

This is another unintended expense I can't afford. Puppies aren't cheap, what did I get myself into? I now will have to find a way to make more money. No one in my area is hiring for part time employment. No matter what, Cosmo is a member of my family. I have a bunch of books and some DVD's I don't read or watch, I can put those up on CL. I have a few new, never worn pairs of shoes I can sell at work, there are plenty of us who wear size 10 shoes.

I am still regretting my upcoming vacation to Vegas. I visited the kennel where Cosmo will stay, $29.00 a night which includes doggy day care. I need 6 days. I may be able to drop him off on Sunday morning instead of Saturday afternoon, saving me a nights fee. Do the math. I must be insane! I have checked out a few other kennels, and by far this was the nicest. "PetWorks" is just a short drive away, it is very clean and is air conditioned. There are large play areas, and having socialization is important to me. He will be in a group of dogs his own size. There is video surveillance as well. One kennel I checked should have been condemned, it was a snake pit, and I would never have Cosmo stay there. I will be posting some pictures of the facility in the near future.

Now that I am on a roll, the kid had a job interview on Monday, she is still sleeping and has yet to schedule a Laketran dial-a-ride to the interview. I refuse to do this for her, she needs to be more independent. She can't depend on her boyfriend as he is a college student. Did I ever say he reminds me of "Shaggy" on Scooby Doo? Is is the goofy one!

Now I feel better. Sometimes it's easier for me to write than to speak. I have a feeling it's like that for many others as well. But how would I have any idea, no one ever comments on my writings.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I'll be your first comment! I've dropped in a couple of times and enjoy your blog, especially the Cosmo stuff. I have two dogs and I know what you mean about the expense, but they're cheaper and easier (and nicer sometimes) than kids. I have three human kids and my dogs often save my sanity.

Cosmo's human said...

I know what you truly mean. My dear daughter is very expensive! Without Cosmo I think I would have vanished.