Monday, September 1, 2008

Las Vegas, The Great Geauga County Fair, and The Cleveland National Air Show! Oh my!!!

First of all, I hope that Hurricane Gustav fades away quickly and no lives will be harmed.

It has been a crazy week. First my daughter and myself flew to Las Vegas and stayed at Planet Hollywood for five days. Then my boyfriend and myself went to the Cleveland National Air Show and to the Great Geauga County Fair.

I have a great tan and am very relaxed, only to go back to work tomorrow. I am posting several photos from the above three events.

Las Vegas hasn't changed much since last May. The City Center which is a monstrosity being built across from Planet Hollywood is slowly being completed. I have heard there has been a large number of workers who were killed while completing the project. There are also several other projects in various stages of construction on the strip. The average daytime temperature was 102 degrees. On Wednesday night at 10:00pm with was 98 degrees. The average humidity was 10-14%. All the casinos are air conditioned. Even the shops are cool, and most of them leave their doors open, as do the downtown casinos, but when you walk in the air is very cool. As soon as I sat down at the Golden Nugget I was asked what I wanted to drink. I waited about 45 minutes at Planet Hollywood before I was asked what I wanted to drink. What's up with that?

Las Vegas is hurting for money and tourists. There have been plenty of layoffs as per the local newscasts. On a bus ride down the strip, the "Deuce" as it is called, I heard a United Nations of languages. Dutch, Spanish, German, and Japanese were the most common. I also heard a lot of Australian and New Zealanders as well. Since the USD is in the toilet they are able to purchase many bargains. That pisses me off a bit.

I had much better luck winning downtown and Slots A Fun on the north end of the strip. Planet Hollywood didn't have very lose slots, I only won $25.00 there. I won enough at Slots A Fun and on Fremont Street to buy another Coach purse, a Dooney and Bourke purse, cheesy souvenirs, and a few nice meals. I only told my dear daughter I won $50.00. She thinks whatever I win is hers...yea right! Of course she was with friends when I had my little fun. A few beers and a frozen Pina Coloda later....

We came home after 10:00pm this past Thursday. We were totally exhausted. I slept till about 9:00am and then went to pick up Cosmo, who wanted to stay at the boarders. He really liked the doggy daycare. Cosmo smelled really great as they had just bathed him. He learned some new behaviors there. He now lifts his leg to make a wee-wee. He also humped my boyfriend, but only once, and has not done since. I may have to have him neutered.

My boyfriend arrived before dinner on Friday just as my daughter was going to spend the long weekend with her boyfriend. Everything worked out pretty well.

We woke up early Saturday morning and got ready for the air show. I really love the Blue Angels and they gave a great show along with the other acts and the numerous static displays. However, I had a problems with my battery, it didn't last as long as I thought and I forgot my backup. I was really kicking myself. I had just bought a new backup battery in Las Vegas, too. My boyfriend will email me photos of what I missed. We arrived home, but before we stopped at Damon's for a slab of takeout St. Louis ribs. Cosmo missed us, and we took him on a very long walk.

On Sunday we went to the Great Geauga County Fair. We met up with the Sheriff who had Midge in tow. She is the worlds smallest working drug detection dog. Midge is pretty famous, being on TV and in print. I was able to see all the fuzzy and furry animals and hairy animals. I really applaud all the 4H youth who worked so hard with their animals. Most of the animals they raise are for food and it can't be easy to see them go. But they know that from the get go. They earn a lot of money when the animals are sold and either use it for a new animal or for college, as one parent told me.

Well, thats the long week I had. I go back to work tomorrow. It will be a shock!

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