Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy dance!

My dearest daughter landed a job, her first today. She starts tomorrow at 10am sharp. Her BF will take her. She is spending the night at his house, I'm sort of getting used to that. I am very happy for her. It is a job in retail and she said she will be earning $7.00 an hour. You have to start somewhere, I told her. She doesn't have a schedule yet. I have to make sure she doesn't earn over the limit or she could lose her disability and Medicaid, which she needs. This isn't an option here folks. I think, but can't remember the exact figure, but her earning has to be less than $700.00 a month, I think it is in the mid 600's to be more exact. She told them she won't be available this Saturday or the week we are going to Vegas, and they still hired her, amazing. I am expecting her to work the Labor Day weekend holiday. I have lost track at the amount of holidays I had to work. I'll be at the Cleveland Air Show and the Great Geauga County Fair with my BF.

Cosmo and I went for a nightly walk. He sort of got away from me, and took off like a bat out of hell, right into the arms of a lady who was on a walk with her family, they know Cosmo, and he went all goo-goo with them. I lost my grip on the leash, and he bolted. I think we need puppy classes, soon.

Enough for now, time to sleep.

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