Friday, August 15, 2008


Well, Cosmo is coming into his own. He is growing into such a gentle canine. He gives me kissies in the morning and when I come home from work. He does play well with others. He doesn't run with scissors.Just kidding about the last remark.

Chelsea has worked two days so far, and is working today. She came home yesterday looking like she hiked Mt. Everest. She had some new bruises and she complained about her aching back. I said to her "Welcome to the world of work:, which she promptly, well nearly flipped me the bird. I told her about when I worked manual labor in factories making body side molding for cars, and in the heat and sweat and smell of a factory. She was working with costumes and Halloween supplies in an air conditioned store. The violin is playing.

She said she gets a free costume and 40% off everything else. She wants to buy a costume for Cosmo, "Superman", oy vegh! Cosmo already leaps and bounds off the couch.

She is working 3 hours tomorrow and then I need to take her to a doctor for a medical appointment. I'm glad Laketran provides transport here. I am getting my hair cut and styled tomorrow as well, so there is no sleeping in late for me. But with Cosmo, I can't sleep in past 8am. I was planning to visit the Lake County Fair, but Chelsea and her BF already went, so I don't know if she will want to go again, probably yes, if I pay her admission. We both still need to get our nails done, and need to organize our clothes. I think I still need to buy a few more t-shirts, my wardrobe in Vegas. I packed way to many clothes last visit. It is very causal there, unless you are going to a very "hot show", I would not pack anything dressy. Shorts and t-shirts, and a bathing suit, that is all.

We both can't afford any of he shows, but I will check with the half price ticket booths to see what is available.

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