Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's my choice!

I don't agree with everything Sarah Palin stands for, but the fact that we may have a woman as a VP thrills me. Roe v Wade will never be overturned, and that was my biggest concern. I know she is anti-choice, as many people are. I can live with that. I hate taxes, and as a single parent fully employed, I pay a hell of a lot of taxes. No, I know that Europeans pay a lot more, but they also have a lot more social services available to them as well. It is a trade off, more services equals more taxes. Climate change or global warming, we have sealed our own doom. We can't control the amount of pollution China and other nations contribute to the demise of our Earth. Off shore drilling? I do my part by taking a commuter bus to work, thereby avoiding a 60 mile round trip to downtown Cleveland. I'm not thrilled gas cost are very high, maybe off shore drilling and alternative energies are the way.

I was really hoping for Hillary, but that did not happen. The fact that Obama has spend less than 143 days in the Senate scares me. So, he was a community organizer. I volunteered with the Salvation Army and am a volunteer with the Ohio Medical Reserve Corps...does that make me a better candidate for president? The fact that Obama has little real world experience scares me as well. I don't like war, who does? WWI and WWII were just wars. We did the job in the Gulf region and it is time to go home. I do support the troops. Will the US ever get Bin Laden, I have no clue. Have we stopped terrorism, hell no, but we have slowed it down. 9/11 was the breaking point for my country. I'll always have that bitterness inside of me.

Yes, I have been a Democrat all my adult life, and this is coming from a "silver spoon in my mouth" family. I grew up having everything. I am a social worker and have chosen the road less traveled. I am very proud to call myself a social worker. I'm not rich, and will never be, but I am happy in serving people who have little change at anything in life.

I maybe voting Republican for the first time. So be it.

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