Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Did you lose any money?

The DJ tanked 777 points yesterday. I probably lost a boatload of money. My hard earned 403(b) self directed retirement fund is in the crapper. I'll be working now until I'm dead.

Yesterday a good friend of mine took my daughter to the local community college to get a placement test for admissions. She scored in the highest college level English class, but didn't fare too well in math. She'll have to take beginning Algebra. She is going back next week to meet with a guidance person to see what courses maybe appropriate. Chelsea wants to major in anthropology, humanities, and the like. I told her she needs to focus on something that will get her a career. I know she likes vampires and mummies, maybe there is a career in that area!

Tonight I'll be going to the Cleveland HOB to see Iced Earth. I'm a huge fan and I paid for the "VIP" package @ $75.00. So I'll get a t-shirt, autographed items, and meet the band. The meet and greet happens after the concert. I wish I knew how many VIP package were sold. I'll be bringing my new Nikon. Doors open at 7pm. I found out they have valet parking. Downtown isn't too safe, so valet parking is useful. I'll be there at 7 as I want to be at stage center. I took tomorrow off as a vacation day, hell, I'll never make it to work at 8am. My daughter wants to go, but she needs a ticket. Ticketmaster has them, she just has to get herself up to the market to get one. She even likes their latest CD, which I am amazed, as she likes only a fraction of what I listen to.

I bought two tickets for Yngwie Malmsteen at the Cleveland Agora on 10/18/08. Tim "Ripper" Owens will be the lead vocals. I can't wait. Ripper is one of the few metal singers who gives me goose bumps. Even at my age...goose bumps! Ripper's bands: Brainicide, Winter's Bane, British Steel, Judas Priest, Iced Earth, Beyond Fear, and now Yngwie Malmsteen. My SO will be in attendance sharing the magic.

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