Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I just ate a zillion peppermint patties and drank 3 Labats

I feel no guilt either. I am so stressed out now I could take a header out. My dear daughter has driven me to the breaking point now. I come home from work, totally exhausted and I ask her kindly to remove her food dishes from my room and to leave as I need to lie down on my bed. She screams at the top of her lungs, like a banshee out of hell. I just asked her to remove her dishes and go into the living room. Screaming at the top of her juvenile lungs. She refuses to move. I have had it.

I put the lead on Cosmo and I leave. I have a splitting headache from work, aunt Flo's here even though I am getting daily power surges and I am tired, very tired. She says she takes Cosmo out for walks, but I highly doubt that. Cosmo is always in his crate when I come home. My BF says puppies aren't any fun when they are crated up all day long. She did clean up his crate full of poo, but didn't take it to the dumpster, so the house stunk as well. This is sounding like a bad marriage on the verge of a bad divorce. Except she is my daughter.

She is out tonight with her Scooby-Doo BF and probably be home in the wee hours, and I hope I am fast asleep. She still does nothing in this house. No laundry, no dishes, no cleaning. She won't even clean up after herself in the bathroom! This place should be condemned.

I'm too old to run away and join the circus. I'm not just going to quit my job and leave, but that is what I have been thinking. I want to run far, far away and start my life over. Bit I can't. I'm too level headed and logical. What would Spock do?

It would be better if she would just move out, but she won't. I'm so tired of doing everything and to come home to a screaming banshee is just the breaking point for me. I'm tired of having to manage her multiple meds as she just can't remember, I'm tired of having to arrange her transportation to her mental health appointments which she frequently cancels. I'm tired of schlepping her everywhere and I'm tired of managing her finances.

I just feel like I am doomed until I drop dead.

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