Monday, September 22, 2008

I hate Mondays

I had a very full day at work. I am really hating Mondays right now. I just spent an hour paying bills, cleaning up after dinner and Cosmo. I made delicious chicken breast and basmanti rice and green beans. Of course, I at alone with the dog. Again. My dearest daughter is at work and will call me at 10:00pm to come and collect her from her job. I was pretty busy at work as I have to triage intake calls for several hours today. That isn't one of my favorite tasks. We get a lot of strange calls and it's worse when there is a full moon. Because of confidentiality and I've sworn to secrecy, I can't tell you what I do or who I speak with. It's way too stealth, even my own daughter doesn't know what exactly I do at work. I need to change as I feel like I'm getting too predictable. That isn't good for me.

Cosmo destroyed another toy. The toy was made of fireman's hose and was made especially for the strong chewer. Yea, right. It was destroyed in no less than one hour. He ripped it open faster that Wall Street was given money to bail themselves out. It
was that fast. I bought another Nylabone, the one made for lions. I am hoping that will last. Cosmo has the bite and strength of a pit bull. I have never had a pupster than can destroy toys so quickly. I'm just glad he doesn't go after my shoes. He stopped chewing up my bedding, so I am bit relieved. He gets plenty of walks and enough attention to choke a bird. Maybe its too much attention. Only the dog whisperer knows for sure. If anyone out there in dogland can come up with a toy that lasts please let me know. I'll buy stock in your company. I'm ready to write to a NASCAR driver for a used tire for Cosmo as a chew toy. Yes, I have seen the tire toys but he can destroy those in a heartbeat. There has to be a toy out there he can't totally destroy!

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