Friday, July 25, 2008

TGIF Finally!

Well I bribed my daughter to stay with her BF this weekend, and it only cost me $30.00! She has been seeing him for a while and he is very reliable and trustworthy, plus he lives less that 15 minutes away. He has his own car and is a college student. I also have all his information, should the need arise. Aren't I stealth? He lives with his father in a home adjacent to Lake Erie, a very nice area.

My BF is coming in from Pittsburgh tonight after work. I'm doing the happy dance now. I have no goodies in the home to consume and my fridge is bare. Looks like I'll have a nice dinner somewhere. Totally out of Diet Coke as well. My BF, Jim hasn't met Cosmo yet, and I am sure they will get on well together.

Hopefully the weather will cooperate this weekend and we can visit the Great Lake Medieval Faire. This weekend's theme is Pirate's invasion: Pirates, Vikings, and Warlords--Oh My! The venue is also pet friendly and for an extra $5.00, I can bring Cosmo. The bad news, it looks line rain tomorrow, so I may have to conjure up alternative plans. There are also several local festivals in the area including the Little Mountain Heritage Festival, a few church festivals, (gotta have those Slovenian sausages), and several movies that were just released. Every church festival I have been to had a gambling tent and beer for sale. No wonder people line up for confessions! I have heard good reviews about the X Files movie. A new bar and grille has opened not too far from me and it maybe worth making a visit.


Anonymous said...

Time's runnin' out! gotta finalize those plans!

Who's to say you can't got the RenFaire in the rain... think the pirates only... ummm... pirated?... in the sunshine?

Cosmo's human said...

We did go, no rain!