Thursday, July 17, 2008

A few random photos

I'm trying to find some spare time at the end of my stressed out day to edit some photos that are trapped on my hard drive. I hear them yelling at me, let me out of here! I have added the Willoughby Lost Nation Air Show from last weekend, The National Aviary in Pittsburgh in June 08, and a few from Las Vegas in May 08. Also, Blue Oyster Cult from the Mahoning Valley Rib Burn-off June 08. My daughter Chelsea and I were in Red Rock Canyon when this photo was shot by a friend of ours who lives there and was most gracious to show us the city in her beautiful red convertible. The curly ram creatures were in a public park grazing on the grass. We were on our way back from the Hoover Dam (see photo) and stopped for a perfect Kodak moment. The creatures were totally oblivious to us and could care less who was watching them. The dancing fountains were just across the street from Planet Hollywood (where we stayed), and yes, that is the Bellagio. The weird plant life is located in Red Rock Canyon. The two colorful birds were co-stars of a flight in motion show which was quite entertaining. The bald eagle is an injured bird and does not fly and was viewed through protective glass. We shared the company of the Klingon at Quarks Bar in the Las Vegas Hilton after being blown away during the two Star Trek ride attractions. However, he didn't have a lot of kind words about Worf from the Next Gen.

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