Thursday, July 17, 2008

It's only Thursday.

My last day at work this week, I'll be in Pittsburgh tomorrow visiting my SO and attending the free BOC concert. My SO's good friend from the military will meet us at the concert. I know he has a very busy schedule and it is a long drive from Washington, DC. Saturday will be spent visiting the Horse Trading Days festival in Zele and a promised ride on the incline, the one (they have two) I didn't ride last year, plus a walk around Mt. Washington. Albeit cooperation from the weather. On Sunday the usual visit to Squirrel Hill for the requisite falafel sandwich and some culture. I was also told by my SO about the availability of purchasing a Pens winter jacket, as I can't find one on the NHL website to my liking. Yea, I'm from the Cleveland area, but I am a huge Pittsburgh Penguins fan. I really wish they won the Stanley Cup, they were totally awesome this past year. Go Crosby and Malkin! It looks even better for the coming year, as they re-signed most of their players. Detroit just had a more experience team, and most of their players were nearing retirement. My SO just referred to them as a bunch of "old Swedes" wanting to win the Cup one last time. No offense to the Red Wings or the Sweds. "Geno" Malkin I was told had the flu most of the playoffs, correct me if I am wrong. But he was still a threat to be dealt with. I was able to follow some of the games on the VS cable station. With luck I'll be able to see a few games at Mellon arena. I hear a new arena is in the works, but who knows how long it will take to complete.

I'm still waiting for the shopping list from my daughter to appear in my in box. I'll go to the store after work and visit the "money god" so she has some spending money for the weekend. My daughter has been eating way too much junk food and then she complains that nothing fits her. Oh well! Heaven forbid she gets a job and spends her own money. I have no doubt she will be very busy taking care of Cosmo this weekend. Cosmo is turning out to be such a "mensch". My parents haven't met Cosmo, but I'm sure they will soon.

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