Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hypersnap and Photoshop

These are two photo editing programs I use, DUH! It just takes time to edit photos, I need a few extra hours everyday to finish my projects. Can't I just keep the sun from setting? Yea, I have heard it all, so easy a caveman can do it, but wait there's more! When the tax deduction was ten she was already making her own power point presentations. Holy shite! I need a drink.

Now for some fun...we are going back to Vegas next month. Planet Hollywood will welcome us both, well, welcome my money in their casino. Found a better, much better price on (WN), Southwest. Flew last May on (CO) Continental and the price was good when I purchased the tickets, it was right before they raised the fares. Now that WN hedged their fuel, they have the best prices, but I really don't see how long it will last. CO now wants over $900.00 r/t CLE to LAS for the both of us. The hotel prices seemed to have dropped this summer. Well, DUH, who wants to go there in 110 degree heat besides me the idiot? I plan to spend plenty of time in the pool area, which I hope has improved since my last visit. My dear daughter really favored the Miracle Mile shops, especially the ABC stores and of course the in house Starbucks. My dear daughter wants to go to the 40/40 club. A glorified sports bar. Oh well.

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