Sunday, July 27, 2008

RenFaire and the rest of the weekend

The weather could not have been better this past weekend. My BF;Jim, Cosmo and myself went to the RenFaire on Saturday. The theme was Pirates. They were pretty well represented. Also billed were Vikings and Warlords. There was a small Viking encampment adjacent to the Checkerboard Stage in the back corner of the faire. We spoke to the Vikings and they had their display of authentic and original artifacts, some a thousand years old. What a display of artifacts! The main character a burly looking clean shaven head had his Norwegian Elkhound in tow. The dog's name was "Otto". Cosmo and Otto played a bit together, although Otto was much larger, there was not a problem. I didn't find anyone who was playing a warlord.

We spoke about our heritage and I said I was thinking of getting a DNA test to see what my real heritage is, but I told him where my grandparents were born and he said more likely than not I have Viking blood in me. You see, my grandmother was born in Russia, which he stated the founders of Russia were Vikings, and then the rest is of German and Hungarian heritage. I better brush up on my history.

My BF was a bit disappointed on the food and drink selection and that money had to be exchanged to "pounds", well I called them "chit". Think: script paper. It was exchanged dollar for dollar, and if you had any left over, well tough luck, better save it for next year. The food was the typical finding you see at a county fair or festival. Nothing to write home about. I had a pepperoni roll and some ice cream and a diet Coke. He has a sausage sandwich and a beer. There were roving entertainment and many in costume. Parents had there children in tow as well. The place was awash in pirates big and small.

I wish I had taken more pictures, but Cosmo; who joined us demanded more attention and managing a camera with a dog is not an easy task.

On Sunday all three of us slept late. After taking Cosmo for a walk, Jim and myself went to Borders for coffee and then to a local Chinese restaurant for lunch and went to do a bit of shopping and went home. After another long walk, we went to the beach for a walk in the adjacent park and then back home where Jim packed up his things for the journey home to Pittsburgh.

My dear daughter also had fun and about 40 minutes ago she returned home. I'm ready for bed now as I must wake at 5am.

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