Sunday, June 7, 2009


I have lost six pounds so far. I absolutely have no appetite at all. This is a miracle drug, do take away my ravenous hunger pains, it is a true miracle. Only time will tell. So far my favorite snack: sugar free ice many flavors, I feel no guilt.

I meet with a registered dietitian via phone call later this week.

I even lost my cravings for chips, ice cream, Chinese food, but not Sushi. Anything with chocolate makes me gag.

I took my daughter to Longhorn steakhouse for a late lunch/early dinner. I had a small salad, mixed steamed veggies, plain ice tea, and a 6oz steak, and didn't finish all of the meal. She behaved the entire time. I let her have a spare DVD player and some movies.She admitted via a phone call that she took Zohan, and a few others, which I will reclaim later this week.

I know I can't live off of ice pops, but in this heat and humidity, they are refreshing.

Off to bed now, I have a 5am wake up.

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