Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm normal, well almost!

My tests came back and I do not have Cushings Syndrome! That is a major relief, I was scared to no end. Now I can concentrate in getting healthy and losing weight, down 7 pounds so far. Happy dance!

Cosmo is well, stayed by my side all day yesterday while I had a monster of a headache and slept most of the day. I missed work, as I could barely see out of my eyes, not too good to drive a car as well.

Cosmo is my "little superhund"! He is able to move a large rug with his teeth to another room, over carpeting as well. I don't know how he accomplishes this feat, as I have never seen him do the trick, but he is a strong little bugger. Also, I see he can move the chair to my kitchen table just enough to hop on it and grab anything he wants, like my "instant glucose" liquid gel which he ate the entire tube. Every drop! Plus the label, which has gone missing. Now, I must be diligent as not to leave anything of value on my table. Buggers indeed!

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