Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Have not been able to update in a long while...

I do apologize. Life got in the way and complications have arisen. My daughter is now living in a group home with people who have mental health issues. I have been unable to deal with her lately. She is out of control and will not listen to reason. This was the last chance, which she blew. I have tried and tried and have been unable to work things out. I nearly lost my job and my health has faultered. I am not equipped to handle her anymore. My family and BF are in agreement for her to live in a group home. She will never live with me anymore. That is the way it has to be.

I do not have cancer, in my "female" parts. That surgery went well and I am fully recovered. However I am being worked up at Cleveland Clinic for possible Cushing's Syndrome. How lovely! This is not what I need. It seems like I have all the "markers" for the disease. I am not feeling well, and I thought is was just extreme stress, but I guess I am wrong. I am undergoing tests right now, a salivary cortisol collection over two nights, and tonight is the last night. I did a 24 hour urine collection, which was just lovely, NOT! I have had more blood taken out of them than a vampire sucks...

I have seen a most excellent endocrinologist, actually three of them to be exact, and I go back tomorrow. Not looking forward to the visit. I have checked on what the treatments are and they don't look very pretty: surgery, radiation, chemo, drugs. I especially like the "gamma knife" surgery option, less invasive. Great, I can now glow in the night!

I promise I will update my blog as soon as I know more.

My JRT; Cosmo had his surgery last Tuesday. Yeppers, he got fixed! He is doing well and will be back at the dog park perhaps this coming Saturday.

Until then.

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