Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Some pain is worth having, just saying.

OK, the abs hurt...a lot...SNAP will save me!

Last night I did a hard twenty minutes of the elliptical followed by trying out multiple weight machines. I primarily focused on my arms, but I managed to test out the "ab eliminator"...aka the pain in my belly today!

After an hour I called it quits and went home.

I can tell you something is happening here. My black slacks that were pretty tight two weeks ago and pretty loose right now. A certain undergarment of mine can be placed on a smaller hook. Like I said adding the workouts to my diet regime is working. Soon...goodby muffin top!

Tomorrow I am off from work as I have medical appt at Cleveland Clinic with my Endocrinologist. I am hoping all my blood work is within normal parameters.

This weekend I will attend the group classes at Pulse. I really want to try out TRX and the boot camp. As a rank beginner I'll take it easy.

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