Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Popeye the Sailor Man I Am!

Well, woman that is. I am getting stronger everyday. Drake at SNAP Fitness is working me pretty hard and I am now aware of all my inner and outer strength. I am concentrating on many reps with a lower weight to burn the fat and tone the muscles. I am watching like a hawk what I consume making sure I have the right amount of protein, carbs, and fat grams in my diet. I also have great news on the status of my blood sugar. My average readings are in the 80s for the past two weeks. I have never seen such low numbers. Dr. Doshi is very pleased with my progress. I'm just a bit bummed out as the doctor wanted me to see the registered dietitian at the Cleveland Clinic to manage my diabetes and tweak my caloric intake, but those services are not covered under my insurance plan. However, I belong to Medical Mutual's Disease Management Program and I will have access to a registered dietitian over the phone and am expecting a call sometime tonight after five pm. I need to make sure I am consuming the right amount of protein per kilo of body weight and have to take in account that I work out in a gym and also take classes. I don't want to lose muscle mass. I am a very visual person so I will also look into any community resources that offer diabetes education.

This Saturday I will attend my first boot camp at Slim and Fit. I will continue to attend classes at Pulse as well. My dance card is pretty full right now!

I am vowing to only weigh myself once per week, as my weight greatly fluctuates; something I quite don't understand.

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