Friday, July 31, 2009

New weight loss....

10 pounds down!!!!

My FBS was 91 today, which is very good for me. Last night my BS before bedtime was 117. I took 45u of Lantus, no Humalog!

I upped my protein and and lowered my carb intake yesterday, so I think it may take a day or two for me to adjust.

I'll be at the gym today after work to do cardio only, as my arm muscles have not recovered. If I feel better, I may do ab and leg work.

Who ever reads my struggles here, please have some faith in me, as this is a long journey, and I didn't get fat overnight.

I have emailed a director at the Duke University Rice Diet Center and she advised I be in contact with my endocrinologist, and I have called her today and am awaiting answer.

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