Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lisa Takes on The Duke University Rice Diet

News flash people....
I am getting nowhere with my current diet, (even though I did lose 5# on my vacation) so I am going back to basics. I dusted off my copies of the Duke University Rice Diet book, I have two different books, and cooked up rice last evening while refusing my friend's offer of a Margarita....that was hard! My friend from work, Lynn, whom I ran into at Marc's while shopping for rice and fruit, well I invited her over and gave her all the "illegal" food not allowed on the program.

I had a pressing medical issue so I had to visit the doctor today, needless to say, I'll start feeling better in a few days. I did not go to work today as I felt pretty uncomfortable, but that feeling should go away soon with modern medicine.

My BP was up a bit, as was my weight. I took my FBG this morning and it was up a bit, but after a late breakfast I felt better.

My diet for the day has been:
B: 2/3 cup rice and one banana, lots of water, ice tea
L: 2/3 cup rice, 12 cherries, 1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce, water and a diet Pepsi (really verboten)
D: 2/3 cup rice, one small peach, 1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce, and plenty of water

Now the program says only one day of the above diet, and then you add in more food for about a total of 1000 calories until you lose all your weight. One day a week is allowed for this regime. But, if I am careful, I can do 2-3 days a week, but I must carefully watch my insulin and check my blood sugar several time a day, which I will do. Notice; this is a no added salt diet. It is very restricted diet, but I have to take off the weight. I have a goal to lose 50 pounds by December 1st. I am in contact with my doctor about this as well, so I am not alone.

These are the sites where you can get further information. If I could afford to be a participant there, I'd go in a heartbeat. It is way too expensive for me and I highly doubt that Aetna would cover the program.

I have three books: "The Rice Diet Solution", "The Rice Died Cookbook", and "Heal Your Heart", all by the same author Kitty Gurkin Rosati, M.S., R.D., L.D.N., and her spouse, Robert Rosati, M.D. Dr. Rosati is the director of the program which has been in effect since1939.

I have to admit I was on this diet for one month 1988, August where I lost nearly 40 pounds in one month, but ended up in the ER with exhaustion. I think I weighed about 175# back then. It does work, but back then I had no health insurance, and thus no medical monitoring, which was real bad.

I'm too shy to post a current photo of myself, but may respond to an individual request.

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