Monday, March 30, 2009

What luck!

Sometime after dinner, last Friday my refrigerator/freezer ceased to function. I had no idea until Saturday morning when I made a bowl of Rice Crispies. Warm milk, warm everything. I just went shopping and it was packed. Meat, fish, chicken, microwave meals, ect, ect, ect. Newly purchased milk, yogurt, butter, as well. All went into the dumpster. My dear daughter neglected to tell me anything until it was too late. I could have went out and bought ice to at least save something.

I really am not so wealthy I can just go out and buy more food. I was between paychecks, and the food money was already spent. I was only able to save very little food.

I live in an apartment complex and told them and a semi-new dented appliance was delivered within an hour. I was amazed, only one hour, as it took one month for them to fix my neighbors broken sink.

I called the office to thank them of the quick delivery of the new appliance, albeit dents and all. I also asked them if I would be reimbursed since all my new food spoiled, and the co-owner; Susan said she “will look into it”. I am not placing any bets here.

My nice red wool rug was also stained when the maintenance man failed to dump the drip pan and bad gunk was dripped all over the rug. Now, it needs to be cleaned and that will cost a lot of cash, which I do not have.

I was preparing for my surgery by having a stocked freezer of easy to prepare meals as I may not be able to cook and of course my daughter never helps at all with anything.

Now I have to start over.

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