Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Finish Line's sad customer service!

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My daughter bought a pair of high top tennis shoes about 1-2 weeks ago (2/28/09) at The Finish Line at Great Lakes Mall in Mentor, OH. She thought she would like them, she came home put them on again and didn't like them, had them on for about 5 minutes. Stayed in the home and on carpet the whole time.We took them back to get another pair today, however they had nothing in her size at all that she liked.

The store assistant manager would not accept a refund. He had a horrible grin on his face the whole time. He was mean and crude and extremely rude. He was practically laughing at both of us. I felt so embarrassed and worthless at his actions. Accused my DD of swearing, I thought my daughter was going to have a psychiatric meltdown. I get their catalog all the time and my DD did not see anything she liked. My DD, who is disabled was extremely upset. Upsetting a child like mine who has multiple mental health issues is not wise, trust me!

There was nothing wrong with these shoes. They are "Baby Phat" patent leather hi-tops. The minute you put the shoes on they crease. That is the nature of patent leather. I called the number on the back of the receipt to open up a complaint with a district manager. I was told I would receive a call in 1-3 business days.

I'm not holding my breath. I have lost faith in the corporate world. It is just all about the money.We went across the mall aisle to Foot Locker and told the manager what just transpired. We had her look at the shoes and she said that the shoes were in perfect condition to be sold, not used at all. Foot Locker does not carry that brand of shoe. My DD found a pair of Nikes that The Finish Line did not have and she bought them, the manager even threw in a pair of insoles for free. What a nice manager and very generous as well. As G-d is my witness, I will never, ever buy anything from The Finish Line.

My daughter is on SSI and is lucky to be able to afford new shoes. I have not been able to get her any shoes this year. The shoes with tax were about $50.00 and change. That is a lot of monery for her. She is so concerned about her looks and worries how others look at her, is a self esteem issue.What are my chances that Visa will side with me and/or a district manager will credit her account? It is a checking account that her SSI checks go to, I am the holder of the account as an authorized representative. The card was used as a credit card, not a debit card. NCB said to call Visa, which I did.I can't begin to tell you how much money I have spent at that store and on-line as well. Since I used a Visa to purchase the Finish Line shoes I called them when I returned home, but the CS rep told me that department does not open until 9am, and that is when I will call.

I know I can file a complaint to escalate this if nothing is done. There is and the Ohio AG, the BBB. I hope it does not come to that. I know to some that these shoes cost a lot of money and someone on SSI should not be buying shoes like these, but try to explain that to my DD who has multiple complex health issues.

Have mercy on my soul, it is extremely difficult to shop for anything with my daughter!

UPDATE: as of 3/11/09 @ 1:06pm I have not received any calls from Finish Line's district manager.

UPDATE: as of 3/12/09 @ 10:45am, still no call from the district manager.

UPDATE: as of 3/13/09 @ 6:30pm, still no call from the district manager.

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