Monday, November 24, 2008

You Decide. Do YOU Need A Bailout?

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Comment by Cosmos Human
November 24th, 2008 at 1:14 pm
I wish I could bailout my parents. My mom is turning 74 next month and still has to work. She and my father who works as well; are exhausted. There are no “golden years” for them.

I work full time as a social worker and also support a disabled child. I didn’t ask to become a single parent and my daughter didn’t ask to become disabled.

I do the best I can with what I have. Many Americans do the same as well. We do our best to try to make good financial decisions and try to stay within our means. However, life happens and often throws up a curve ball. That is when diaster strikes and we aren’t prepared. At this moment I am trying to figure out how to save up a six month reserve in case I lose my job, and it’s not easy.

I’m far from being a big-shot zillion dollar executive or a corporation with zillions dollars in profits, make that losses…and our government is coming to rescue them.

I make a bad decision, I have to live with that decision and try to make the best of it, but an automaker or a bank repeats what I have done and our elected officials come running to their aid. Is that fair? Is that the right thing to do?

As a social worker I have seen things that should not be. I have been witness to such great poverty and despair, I have been in tears, as there have been so much suffering.

When will the government help its own citizens who have nothing, but mabe a little pride left?

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Invasion of the Mickey Mice

As you can read here, mice have invaded my apartment, and really nothing is being done. So as a last resort I have filed a complaint with the health district. Later steps are court action and the media... This has become an intolerable living situation. My daughter is terrified to say the least. Now where is Carl Monday?

Dear Lake County General Health District,

Rodents have invaded my apartment. I have been complaining to the management and I feel that I am not being taken seriously and this hazardous and unhealthy condition has continued. I along with my disabled daughter do not deserve to live in these horrible conditions. I am so very afraid that mice will invade my bed while I sleep and my daughter is terrified of being bitten. I also have a puppy and am afraid of him being attacked or contracting a disease. I have purchased at my own expense as the management office did not have steel wool or duct tape to plug the holes in my kitchen where the rodents have been entering, to no avail, they still enter. Also I have purchased glue traps and did catch one rodent. Yet they still enter.

Management has sealed holes and cracks from the outside of the building and sealed under the cabinet adjacent to the gas stove. However, rodents are still entering my apartment. Every morning there are rodent dropping in the kitchen and in and on the gas stove. I have not been able to use the stove as it is a health hazard. I am physically unable to move the gas stove and refrigerator to assess the situation and clean. I was told by “Laura” the apartment clerk that management was to clean and assess the areas I just mentioned, and it has not been done. “Laura” also stated that I was to get a call back from “Doug” the manager last week, which did not occur. They have not hired a professional licensed exterminator. I do not at this time have funds to hire someone and I feel like I am being held hostage living here.

I have photographs of the rodent droppings. Maintenance was in my apartment on 11/13/08 to clean up droppings and place peanut butter on traps, which the mice ate and were not caught.

I and my daughter are becoming ill from this infestation both physically and psychologically. I am hoping the Lake County Health District can assist with this matter. I really don’t know what more I can do.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Midge gets her first collar

A very little dog had a very big day Thursday. Midge the drug dog is celebrating her first "collar."It all started with a break-in in Huntsburg in Geauga County. A deputy drove by a house near Hunt Road and noticed a car that didn't belong there.Two people emerged from the home carrying a big screen TV. As soon as they spotted the deputy, they dropped the TV and ran.The deputy called in reinforcements and the chase was on. The sheriff said the two suspects stole a couple of bikes but they were no match for Deputy Juanita Vetter. She was a high school track star and has trained for the Olympics.Vetter chased down Charles See Jr."His comment upon being apprehended, he says, 'That quote end quote is one tenacious broad. I thought I'd be able to outrun her,'" Sheriff Dan McClelland said. See's 16-year-old son was also arrested.Once they were in custody, it was time to search the car they'd been seen with, but it was packed with stolen tools, the sheriff said.A big dog was going to have difficulty getting in. For Midge, it was easy because she is an 8-pound Chihuahua-terrier mix.Midge is a fully trained as a drug dog for the Geauga County Sheriff's Department.She was able to go where the bigger K-9s couldn't, finding Vicodins hidden among all of the stolen goods, deputies said."One of our deputies summed it up best when it was all done. Basically he said, 'Don't come out here and break into our houses unless you want to pay the price,' the sheriff said.The 16-year-old son was released to his mother's custody. There was no immediate word on any charges.Charles See faces a variety of theft charges.Midge celebrated her third birthday Thursday.

Cosmo at the dog park 11/08/2008

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Found: shopping list

I was at Marc's discount store here in Mentor on the Lake just this past hour buying the usual stuff for consumption and while replacing the shopping cart I came across this shopping list written on the inside of a pack of Dutch Masters Panetela cigars. I am making a big assumption here, it was compiled by a male. I'm not too sure of the prices posted here, as the Gillette razors have no price. Milk seems a bit too high. Two paper towels for $7.00?
I have seen books written by people who "find" things such as lists and write about them. That is not my goal at this time. I'm just looking for something to keep me out of trouble.

Cosmo's Halloween Photos

Monday, October 20, 2008

Yngwie Malmsteen and Ripper Owens Cleveland Agora 10/18/08

This was the best concert I have attended this year. Yngwie's shredding guitars and Ripper's ripping voice were a primo combination. Jim and I were in the front and center pressed up against the security barrier. We both came away with Yngwie's guitar picks. This was the first time I have seen Ripper live and it won't be the last. Although I still like IE, Jon Schaffer's band, well, they will never be the metal gods without Rippers voice. What was Jon thinking? Ripper even outshined Yngwie, could even be possible? The opening act, a metal band from Russia, and all I can say is their lead guitar and bassist were good. The vocalist was awful and was pained up like the "Joker" from Batman. I think is was a bad imitation of Insane Clown Posse.
Photography by Mark Gromen of BW & BK.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Iced Earth HOB Cleveland 09/30/08

WOW is an understatement! This concert totally blew me away. I was up front against the security barrier just short of center stage. I'm still working on the pictures. The lighting was awesome as well as the sound. They played most of my favorites: Something Wicked, Second day at Gettysburg, Iced Earth, Dracula, I Walk Alone, Ten Thousand Strong, In Sacred Flames, Behold The Wicked Child, Hell, there's more. But, sad no encore, as I heard Matt Barlow wasn't feeling well...maybe not true, but when the lights came on, I knew. I'm still processing the concert in what's left of my mind.
There was an opening act, Saviour I believe was their name. They are metal, but need a better range in their vocal areas, but they were descent. They even encouraged a mosh pit to occur. hell, I was pushed a bit.
I also ran into a friend of mine from the Amon Amarth concert from last year. She was standing next to me in the front row. She told me she always sees the same people at metal concerts. She just returned from a metal festival in Germany. I probably should make plans to attend next year during my hopeful three week tour of Europe. IE didn't play in Pittsburgh, and it seemed half of the audience was from there. I was surprised that the venue wasn't sold out. IE is a very important metal band, they have been around a very long time. Jon Schaffer is a guitar God. Matt Barlow's vocals were very good and he seemed to hit some very high notes. He was sporting a new shaven head, sort of looked like Ripper. Brent Smedley was drumming and didn't stop, he was amazing. Troy Seele was on lead guitar and was right in front of me the entire concert and along with Freddie Vidales on the bass. I have no idea how they do it all. OK, I know I'm not the best writer and reviewer, hell, I'm trying.
I'm still working on this be continued.