Saturday, August 23, 2008

Just a quick note.

It's hot and sticky here and it's 9:20pm. I don't mind the heat if it was without the humidity. I didn't think I was looking forward to fall so soon.

What is with the Cleveland Browns? I know it is pre-season and many of their players have been injured. This is not a good sign. I'm wondering when I can dig out the t-shirt and wear it without getting teased?

I saw a car at the gas station from Minnesota, and I told the driver I'm a Vikings fan. He said there a few Viking fans in the area. Probably his relatives.

My dear daughter lost her mp3 player again. It's somewhere in the house or in the disaster area she calls her room. I won't be able to charge it up before vacation if she can't locate the device, and no she can't have mine, well, because we listen to totally different music. Me: hard rock and metal, her: old school rap. Well we have a few artists in common; Dio, Black Sabbath, Metallica.

We will be leaving on vacation soon and I won't be able to post anything, as I do not own a laptop. I really wish I could afford a laptop, it would make life a bit less complicated. But it is something I really can't afford now. Anyone wishing to contribute to my laptop fund can email me. I will reply.

Friday, August 15, 2008


Well, Cosmo is coming into his own. He is growing into such a gentle canine. He gives me kissies in the morning and when I come home from work. He does play well with others. He doesn't run with scissors.Just kidding about the last remark.

Chelsea has worked two days so far, and is working today. She came home yesterday looking like she hiked Mt. Everest. She had some new bruises and she complained about her aching back. I said to her "Welcome to the world of work:, which she promptly, well nearly flipped me the bird. I told her about when I worked manual labor in factories making body side molding for cars, and in the heat and sweat and smell of a factory. She was working with costumes and Halloween supplies in an air conditioned store. The violin is playing.

She said she gets a free costume and 40% off everything else. She wants to buy a costume for Cosmo, "Superman", oy vegh! Cosmo already leaps and bounds off the couch.

She is working 3 hours tomorrow and then I need to take her to a doctor for a medical appointment. I'm glad Laketran provides transport here. I am getting my hair cut and styled tomorrow as well, so there is no sleeping in late for me. But with Cosmo, I can't sleep in past 8am. I was planning to visit the Lake County Fair, but Chelsea and her BF already went, so I don't know if she will want to go again, probably yes, if I pay her admission. We both still need to get our nails done, and need to organize our clothes. I think I still need to buy a few more t-shirts, my wardrobe in Vegas. I packed way to many clothes last visit. It is very causal there, unless you are going to a very "hot show", I would not pack anything dressy. Shorts and t-shirts, and a bathing suit, that is all.

We both can't afford any of he shows, but I will check with the half price ticket booths to see what is available.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy dance!

My dearest daughter landed a job, her first today. She starts tomorrow at 10am sharp. Her BF will take her. She is spending the night at his house, I'm sort of getting used to that. I am very happy for her. It is a job in retail and she said she will be earning $7.00 an hour. You have to start somewhere, I told her. She doesn't have a schedule yet. I have to make sure she doesn't earn over the limit or she could lose her disability and Medicaid, which she needs. This isn't an option here folks. I think, but can't remember the exact figure, but her earning has to be less than $700.00 a month, I think it is in the mid 600's to be more exact. She told them she won't be available this Saturday or the week we are going to Vegas, and they still hired her, amazing. I am expecting her to work the Labor Day weekend holiday. I have lost track at the amount of holidays I had to work. I'll be at the Cleveland Air Show and the Great Geauga County Fair with my BF.

Cosmo and I went for a nightly walk. He sort of got away from me, and took off like a bat out of hell, right into the arms of a lady who was on a walk with her family, they know Cosmo, and he went all goo-goo with them. I lost my grip on the leash, and he bolted. I think we need puppy classes, soon.

Enough for now, time to sleep.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Are we there yet?

I slept great last night as the temps outside were much lower and so was the humidity. I had to wake up early to take Chelsea to her first job interview. She said the owner was really mean spirited; why would I hire you without any job experience? This is for a job at Dairy Queen. How much experience does one need to make an ice cream cone? She was totally dejected and is now a bit depressed.

Hopefully the rest of the day will be positive. I stopped by the store and picked up a newspaper and a donut for her. Came home, took Cosmo out again where he took care of business, then I took care of my business and then had a protein shake, as that is all I am eating the next two weeks, lots of shakes and veggies. I have two weeks to drop drop ten pounds before vacation to Vegas. I don't look forward to starving myself. I'll be leaving at 12 noon to visit my parents. That should go well. I am hoping just for a cold diet Coke. I told my mom not to nag Chelsea about the job situation. Late in the day we have to do laundry, lots of laundry I might add. The machine in the building is too small and falling apart, (service has been called, they won't replace, even though it leaks water all over the place and sounds live a 747), so I'll do what a thousand others have done before me and go to the laundromat. Oh what fun to spend the weekend washing clothes with total strangers and who knows what has been in those machines. I'm also waiting for my daughter to start complaining that there is no food in the house, but there is, it has to be cooked! Tomorrow I will make a condolence call to a coworker whose sister has died, that will be in the afternoon.

So, those are my plans. I lead a most boring existence. I had other plans, but they involved a long road trip, and I am too broke right now.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cosmo went to the vet yesterday.

$52.00 later..... Puppies get worms, Cosmo is a puppy, therefore...Cosmo has worms. I know, TMI, that's what Jim said. Easily treated, but expensive. He was treated by the breeder and at the vet, and I was told this is a common thing, it happens. No matter how hard I try to control where Cosmo walks, others don't clean up after their dog. That makes me so mad, and now so broke. My complex will fine you $50.00 if they catch you not picking up after your dog, but they do nothing when you report the offense, as I have tried. So I am now a "snitch". I'm waiting for the Molotov cocktail to be thrown through the front window.

This is another unintended expense I can't afford. Puppies aren't cheap, what did I get myself into? I now will have to find a way to make more money. No one in my area is hiring for part time employment. No matter what, Cosmo is a member of my family. I have a bunch of books and some DVD's I don't read or watch, I can put those up on CL. I have a few new, never worn pairs of shoes I can sell at work, there are plenty of us who wear size 10 shoes.

I am still regretting my upcoming vacation to Vegas. I visited the kennel where Cosmo will stay, $29.00 a night which includes doggy day care. I need 6 days. I may be able to drop him off on Sunday morning instead of Saturday afternoon, saving me a nights fee. Do the math. I must be insane! I have checked out a few other kennels, and by far this was the nicest. "PetWorks" is just a short drive away, it is very clean and is air conditioned. There are large play areas, and having socialization is important to me. He will be in a group of dogs his own size. There is video surveillance as well. One kennel I checked should have been condemned, it was a snake pit, and I would never have Cosmo stay there. I will be posting some pictures of the facility in the near future.

Now that I am on a roll, the kid had a job interview on Monday, she is still sleeping and has yet to schedule a Laketran dial-a-ride to the interview. I refuse to do this for her, she needs to be more independent. She can't depend on her boyfriend as he is a college student. Did I ever say he reminds me of "Shaggy" on Scooby Doo? Is is the goofy one!

Now I feel better. Sometimes it's easier for me to write than to speak. I have a feeling it's like that for many others as well. But how would I have any idea, no one ever comments on my writings.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fantasy Island

I want to go. I want to leave now on a wonderful mind-blowing vacation, anywhere but here.

I finally had a good nights rest. The kid stayed over at her BF's home last night. It was just me and the Cosmo. The Cosmo was a bit whiny last night. I think he sensed a storm brewing in the distance, although there was no thunder or lightning, just very high humidity. I think sometime today it will storm. I hope that clears the air, as it is stifling outside, even at 6am. I'm in an air conditioned office all day, kind of spoiled, I guess.

I just finished my breakfast, a high protein shake, yum! NOT! I'm having a real hard time with my diet. I seem to lose weight in the winter and gain in the summer, the exact opposite of many people. I can't explain this situation. Maybe it is stress. I have three weeks to go before I head off to Las Vegas and I'd love to lose fifteen pounds.

My workday will start in a few minutes and will need to put out plenty of fires today. Usually I get more weird calls during a full moon phase, but lately they have been happening all day. I think people have been forgetting to take their meds. It can happen to the best of us. Nobody's perfect, and I am far from perfection.

I'm not sure who is reading my blog, no one ever makes any comment, and I am kind of bummed out. Any criticism would be welcome, I'm a big girl, I can handle the truth.

I just heard the same region in China that had an earthquake, just had another large shaker. No reports of damage yet, but it was a serious quake. Plus the hurricane in Texas and the Gulf area, it won't be a good day for most.