Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dukan weight loss update

I have lost five pounds as of 7/27/10. I started the program on 7/24/10. I am very proud of myself. I am not any more tired that if I was not on this program. My job is stressful which triggers binges. Especially chocolate!

If I can only find more ways to inhale the oat bran I need on a daily basis. 1.5-2T a day. I have made them into "pancakes" with Splenda, egg white, and 2T of fat free plain yogurt and they taste OK. I make them the night before and take them in a baggie to work to eat at breakfast with my protein choice, which for the past two days have been chicken breast I grilled using my George Foreman grill.

I have an appointment with my Cleveland Clinic endocrinologist on August 12th. I am hoping I show some signs of improvement.

I have been able to lower my insulin doses and my blood glucose readings have headed south....I am thrilled about this. It is because I am eating less to 20 carbs or less a day, I estimate. The oat bran does have carbs, but not many. My blood pressure is also lower to the point of getting a tad dizzy, so not I don't rush to stand up.I check for ketones, but have only had a trace so far.

I'm going to be on the "attack" phase #1 for a total of ten days, I have six more days to go. Then I will transition to the "cruise" phase where I will alternate protein days with veggies and then pure protein days. But, only a limited choice of veggies are allowed. Out are the high starch and high sugar veggies like potato, corn, beets. Basically I'll stick with salad stuff, asparagus, green beans, and the like. I have to use common sense.

According the the Dukan website I should be at my "ideal" weight by the end of the year. They said my ideal weight for s female who is 5 foot 8 inches is 161 pounds. I want to be at least twenty pounds lower than that...so I have my work cut out!

One disclaimer...I did not join the program as it is very expensive and you have to pay via PayPal which I do not use. I have researched this program on-line and what I have found is what the Dukan website is selling. I don't need "coaching", just the outline of the program which I already have and the recipes are readily available.

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