Friday, July 23, 2010

The Dukan Diet

The diet I have been on has been pretty boring and I'm tired of all the protein shakes. I just found about this program. For the next seven days I eat nothing but protein and 1.5 tablespoons of oat bran a day. If I can handle protein shakes and a salad per day I can handle eating chicken and fish, maybe an egg. I can also have fat free cottage cheese and whatever is on the list. Actually I can eat as much protein as I want. I also have to drink lots of water and other liquids. Just ZERO carbs! I can do that. I start tomorrow. I have everything I need in the fridge. I know I'll lose a lot of water weight. Pishing all night long is not something I'll look forward too!

On my present program since 7/12/10 I'm down five pounds...that was two weeks ago! OK, I didn't do so well. I promised myself I would lose ten pounds before my next endocrinologist appointment at The Cleveland Clinic on August 12th. I go for blood work on the 7th. I am hoping my A1C has lowered. She is also doing a CBC as well.

The Vulture aka Giant Eagle had my favorite tuna and salmon in cans on sale...$1.00 each. I have frozen chicken breast and shrimp in the freezer. I'm hoping my daughter Chelsea eats up the rest of my salad green, or they will go bad. She is supposed to stay the weekend but has not arrived yet. There have been massive thunderstorms all night long, that is maybe holding her up. On the other side, Cosmo has been terrified I had to dose him a doggie Xanax in peanut butter.

One last note, my soul-mate is on a jet to Europe tonight and I dearly miss him!

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