Saturday, December 26, 2009

I've been a bad girl!

I haven't exactly followed my diet the past few months. My dear daughter and my work have greatly stressed me out.

But...wait there's more...I have won a trip to Paris, so I am stoked and have a new goal... 30 pounds by the date of my trip.. I'm down four already, and it has not been too easy, I struggle everyday. Last night at my cousins' home in Solon for my mothers' 75th BD party. I ate way too much, but not any dessert. Today my BF is coming to stay with me through the New Years and I'll be Julia Child in the kitchen. Right now I have Cowboy Stew cooking in the crock pot and it smelly delicious! Hopefully I can get some serious walking in with the BF and Cosmo. I plan on visiting the art museum, the West Side Market and area, and various parks, albeit if the weather is good. Snow is expected all week long with cold temps.

I'm just happy to have BF here and a week+ off of work.

About my trip to Paris....I'll be there for five days. Due to security I won't post when I am going, but will have a wonderful trip report. I plan to see the Mona Lisa, many of the museums (I'll buy a pass), shopping, all the great stuff! Really.

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