Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm on a diet...either I lose weight or I drop dead!

I started Monday, February 16th, 2009. It is my version on a PSMF diet, high protein shakes; whey and soy; (EAS and Trader Joe's, ON Gold Standard), meal bars, chicken and seafood, and very low carbs. I am eating something every 2-3 hours. I need to get back to the gym, but I need to wait another two weeks for my system to settle down and my BG to stabilize. I really wanted to go on the Cleveland Clinic PSMF program but my health insurance; Aetna would not approve. Never mind that I'm a diabetic on insulin and need to lose weight so I don't die and with a family history of CAD. They don't care. This isn't about cosmetics, it is about saving my life. So I'm doing this myself without the benefit of medical supervision. I am taking an Rx of potassium, 10meq a day. I am checking my blood glucose several times a day so I don't pass out. That is the hardest, as my finger tips really hurt! I have had to decrease my Lantus a bit, even since last night as my FBS was lower than normal. To be continued...

So far , today, this is wat I have consumed:
starting at 7am:

1 EAS vanilla whey protein shake, 120cal?, 23g protein, I think 2-3 carbs
3 hard boiled egg whites
16 oz water with Benefiber no sugar packett
1 EAS chocolate whey protein shake, as above
1 cup black tea, hot
1 diet Coke, 20oz (my weakness)
1 South Beach Living meal replacement bar; 140cal, 10g protein, 15g carbs
1 cup coffee, with stevia and powder coffee cream
1 16oz water with sugar free flavor packett
1 potassium tab; 10meq
1 enalapril, an ACE med; 10mg
1000mg Vit C in the first shake
1 EAS ready to drink shake

It is now 6:26pm and I am now home and will have to make a shake. I'll then watch the Nightly News with Brian Williams to find out how much the bail out will be costing me and the American taxpayers.

Monday, I was shaky and very hungry, I have food on the brain. Yesterday was a bit better, and today, I am not hungry. I am eating a lot of protein and I am trying to figure out how much protein I really need. I have been on several web sites and they conflict each other. One says I need one gram of protein per pound of body weight. That maybe a bit too much for me. If I have six shakes a day that is only 144g of protein per day, that is not enough. I know I need help, and I have no where to turn. I know I need help with this and have nowhere to turn. Is anyone out there?

My BF let me know as he is worried I will get really tired. I feel his concerns, as I probably am eating pretty unhealthy. I have energy now, but I feel not enough to work out at a gym. My FitWorks membership will expire in May, and I will not renew. I have found another gym (Titans), a real gym where true body builders go. I will check it out and see if they have a trial membership. They also have a juice bar attached. I don't want to sign a contract, as I do not know what the future holds for me. I was a total fool to join FitWorks.

I just wish I could have the monitoring at the Cleveland Clinic.Aetna keeps emailing me on the benefits for being healthy and keeping my diabetes in check, but they provide basically no support! I guess they would rather pay for a heart bypass surgery (name your disease here) instead of helping someone get healthy. Makes no sense to me as well.

Right now I am researching supplements that I may need to take. Besides the potassium, I take Omega-3 fish oil (really stinks), 2,400mg/a serving and
total Omega-3's are 720mg. 1gr of Vit C crystals I dissolve in the shakes. I need a multi-vit and mineral tab, calcium, magnesium (I heard this is a very important mineral), and ALA, CLA. But, I don't know what to chose or how much to take. That is the huge problem.

I know probably three people read this blog, so if there is anyone out the who can help, please contact me.

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