Friday, January 16, 2009

News Flash

I have been away much too long from my blog. I do apologize for my absence. I have been having a lot of problems with my daughter and she need to move out of my home. I have been most generous with the time frame and have given her 3.5 months. She is on SSI and has a part time job. Her idiot boyfriend brought illegal drugs (a huge amount of pot) into my home and I could have been arrested and lost my ability to keep my employment. I have called the police to my home several times as well as my BF who lives out of state. The police do absolutely nothing. Sure, they talk to her, but she is a psychopath and knows how to act in front of them. She is not only mentally ill but is homicidal and has made numerous threats to harm me. She went ballistic last night ( my friend was here to see this) and I was so upset and Cosmo was shaking and would not leave from under my bed. My friend is coming over tonight to try to work this out and we are trying to get her admitted to the local psychiatric hospital. Chelsea refuses to go. I fear for my life every time I go to sleep. I fear that she will put poison in my insulin and kill me. There is no where I can go as I won't leave Cosmo behind.

I am very grateful to a good friend from work, a nurse who has dealt with people who have severe mental illness, such as my daughter. She know how this is killing me.

On a good note.............

I have started to write a book. The working title is: The House on North Cadillac Drive.

I'm currently forming an outline and developing chapters. It is non-fiction and sort of autobiographical. My BF is very encouraged with my progress so far. Now all I need is a publisher willing to work work a new writer.

And, yes I spent my childhood years on North Cadillac Drive. I moved into the home in 1959 as a baby and moved out in 1971 to a house on the other side of the city.

The other news, I'm glad the US Air had no fatalities. I viewed that on the nightly news and was totally amazed at the landing in the Hudson River.

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