Sunday, June 3, 2012

My goal is set

Before I turn into Skeletor; I will now set my weight loss goal.  I am looking at a weight of 140.  I want to maintain a five pound range...up or down.  So now I would like to weigh anywhere between 135 through 145.

My biggest dilemma are tops.  I'm not used to wearing anything clingy.  This is a fear I will conquer. In due time.  I have a long torso and have an extremely difficult time. I just don't feel comfortable in short polo tops. I have resigned myself to shop in the mens' department to purchase size small in polo tops. This should not be. I wish someone out there would send my name into one of those make-over shows to help me get adjusted to my new body.  I'm not lying here, I have having such a horrible time.  I am not used to being thinner. My mind has not caught up with my body.

All the years of being overweight has ruined my body.  I did this to myself. No one force fed me.  I have probably twenty pounds if not more of lose skin that will never go away.  I am working my butt off in the gym five days a week and with the help of my trainer; Drake from SNAP I am determined to succeed to reach my goal.

There are some days I wish I could magically remove this loose skin. I have health insurance but this is considered cosmetic and not covered. Never mind that I have rid myself of diabetes. Never mind that I now cost my health insurance less in outlays. I'm not doing this to try to look like I am twenty years old...not going to happen. It's going to get hot soon and I am concerned about skin problems and basically friction and chaffing. I call it as it is.  There is no other nice way to describe this.

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