Sunday, August 1, 2010

I'm down 8.2 pounds as of today!

I remained the same weight as yesterday...and am pleased I did not gain anything. I'm on the attack phase for one more day. But I had some tomatoes and green beans so I guess I am officially on the "cruise" phase. I was hungry today for the first time.

My only problem so far is the dreaded constipation! I have been taking Citrucel since Friday evening and nothing so far. I'm drinking a ton of water and even had a bottle of sparkling mineral water as well.

I have chicken breasts grilling in my George Foreman grill with a little Mrs. Dash and low sodium soy sauce. Boy, do they smell great!

For the second time on a months time, my a/c broke. First it was the compressor, not I believe it is the blower motor. I can here the a/c make noise but no air comes out of the vents. The units here are over 25 years old and they just keep taking them from the vacant units without any regard to disrepair! I made them aware of this situation yesterday when it happened but they won't do anything until tomorrow. In the mean time it is 83 degrees inside and I am roasting alive!

The couple on the first floor with a small child had to wait one week for theirs to become fix. If I have to wait anyone that a day, I am not renewing my lease which is due at the end of September.

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