Monday, November 17, 2008

The Invasion of the Mickey Mice

As you can read here, mice have invaded my apartment, and really nothing is being done. So as a last resort I have filed a complaint with the health district. Later steps are court action and the media... This has become an intolerable living situation. My daughter is terrified to say the least. Now where is Carl Monday?

Dear Lake County General Health District,

Rodents have invaded my apartment. I have been complaining to the management and I feel that I am not being taken seriously and this hazardous and unhealthy condition has continued. I along with my disabled daughter do not deserve to live in these horrible conditions. I am so very afraid that mice will invade my bed while I sleep and my daughter is terrified of being bitten. I also have a puppy and am afraid of him being attacked or contracting a disease. I have purchased at my own expense as the management office did not have steel wool or duct tape to plug the holes in my kitchen where the rodents have been entering, to no avail, they still enter. Also I have purchased glue traps and did catch one rodent. Yet they still enter.

Management has sealed holes and cracks from the outside of the building and sealed under the cabinet adjacent to the gas stove. However, rodents are still entering my apartment. Every morning there are rodent dropping in the kitchen and in and on the gas stove. I have not been able to use the stove as it is a health hazard. I am physically unable to move the gas stove and refrigerator to assess the situation and clean. I was told by “Laura” the apartment clerk that management was to clean and assess the areas I just mentioned, and it has not been done. “Laura” also stated that I was to get a call back from “Doug” the manager last week, which did not occur. They have not hired a professional licensed exterminator. I do not at this time have funds to hire someone and I feel like I am being held hostage living here.

I have photographs of the rodent droppings. Maintenance was in my apartment on 11/13/08 to clean up droppings and place peanut butter on traps, which the mice ate and were not caught.

I and my daughter are becoming ill from this infestation both physically and psychologically. I am hoping the Lake County Health District can assist with this matter. I really don’t know what more I can do.


Marcus said...

My suggestion: ask management to relocate you to another apartment. Has that been suggested?

Good luck with the health department.

Cosmo's human said...
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Cosmo's human said...

Second try at this...I don't have much hope from the management. I am hoping the health department can assist me.